Energyforum is one of the leading organisers of conferences and training courses on the European energy market. 
Ingemar Rickenlund to assist Energyforum as Senior Advisor:

Ingemar Rickenlund, founding Partner of Japro and Energyforum (see History below) and one of the most experienced risk management consultant to the energy industry in the past, has come back to Energyforum to build up the course business to its prior level. "The last year reorganisation of Energyforum makes it a challenge to re-enter the scene again after several years away.", says Ingemar.


Energyforum was founded in 1992 forming a part of Japro Energy initially producing yearly Japro-days, the leading energy trading summit during the 90's in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Japro Energy became the leading consulting firm within the deregulated energy industry and was acquired by Enron Corp in 2000.

Before the Enron acquisition of Japro, in 1999 Energyforum became a separate independent company and has since then produced over 200 energy events all over Europe.


The operations are run from our office in Stockholm, Sweden, but the majority of  the events are held in the capitals of Europe.

Energyforum's business concept is to strengthen the individual customer's competitiveness in the power market by providing knowledge, business information and a dynamic network. We are working closely and exclusively with the power sector, in an international perspective and from an independent position in order to be able to provide this to our customers.

Through our extensive research and a network of the best of the best, we run conferences that always are topical and provide excellent networking and business opportunities. These conferences reflect the changing needs and drivers of the industry and are in the forefront in their layout.